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If you are a CREDITOR or a DEBTOR and you wish to obtain CASE information please follow the instructions below.

Please enter the simplified case number in the first field for “user id”. Case numbers as they appear on a bankruptcy petition will appear in this format “8:12-bk-12345-KRM”. The simplified case number format would be “12-12345” and would be entered in the box for the “user id”.
The “password” for each case is the last four digits of the primary petitioner’s social security number. If their SSN number was 123-45-1234 then you would enter the “1234” in the password box. The primary petitioner is the person whose name first appears in the bankruptcy petition.

WARNING: Information on your status report cannot be used to make a final payment. To get an approximate payoff amount call 813-658-1165 dial '0' and ask for the auditing department.

If you need additional help or information I can be reached at 866-658-1165 Ext 120.
William C. Drake