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Welcome to the case data site for Frederick L. Reigle, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the Eastern District of PA.

Access to the case data on this site is granted to those involved in a Chapter 13 case. The information on this site is typically updated each business day. Counsel for Debtors and Creditors may obtain an Internet Access Agreement at The Agreement must be completed, signed and returned in order to obtain a login and password.

To search by case number use this format: 00-12345

Visit our website at for helpful information, forms and for information on making online payments using ePAY.

The Trustee's Office is now accepting documents securely uploaded through 13Documents. Visit our website for detailed instructions.

Helpful Information:

Address for making plan payments:
Frederick L. Reigle, Trustee
P.O. Box 680
Memphis, TN 38101-0680

The Trustee's Office now accepts electronic receipts through ePay. ePay provides the ability to make your required monthly Trustee payment directly from your bank account, rather than having to purchase a money order or certified check. This is an instant payment system, via SunTrust Bank, that provides a verifiable, secure, and convenient online payment option. ePay is the only form of electronic payment endorsed by the Trustee. Visit our website at for more information.

Office Phone Number: 610-779-1313 Option 5 for the Bankruptcy Clerk on Duty

Office Fax Number: 610-779-3637

Email pay advices and tax returns to:

Email other documents to:

Please do not email or They are for court use only and are not monitored.

Information on this website shall not be used for payoff purposes. Any case payoff information shall be requested from the Trustee in writing prior to submission of a case payoff. Please send a request for payoff to the Trustee's Office as follows:

Fax: 610-779-3637
Mail: Frederick L. Reigle, Trustee, P.O. Box 4010, Reading, PA 19606.

Case discrepancies should be reported to the Trustee's Office in writing so they may be addressed promptly.

Please note that the claim numbers referenced in this website may not be the same as those on the official Clerk's claims register. If you are filing a pleading that references a proof of claim, please make sure that you use the claim number on the Clerk's claims register rather than the claim number referenced in this site.

All terms of the Internet Access Agreement are incorporated herein.

Case data is also available at

Message updated 02/09/2017.