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Welcome to the Gregory A Burrell, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the District of Minnesota, Case Information System. Access to this site is granted to those involved in a Chapter 13 case.

Phone: 612-338-7591

All Debtors must send payments to:
Gregory A Burrell, Trustee
PO Box 860026
Minneapolis, MN 55486-0026

Call Kim V at 612-277-1214 or Sarah at 612-277-1220 to get a copy of ACH form or clicking on Debtor ACH Authorization Form Link (or go to https://ch13mn.com to get a copy of the form). Contact our office or your attorney if you have questions.

Link to the Minnesota state webpage that lists the new exemption limits for the state exemptions that are "indexed."

Please email GENERAL@CH13MN.COM with your questions or information requests. Please do NOT email CMECFJZKMN@CH13MN.COM as it is for court use only.

Please follow IRS Standards for cases filed after Feb 13, 2006.

341 Tax returns need to be uploaded by your attorney.

Please visit https://CH13MN.COM and click on Internet Contract if you would like online access. Information found on this site is updated nightly. Please read the disclaimer at https://CH13MN.COM/DISCLAIM.HTM if you have any questions regarding the information found on this site.

This Message was last updated 01/04/2024