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Looking for information about budgeting, credit, basic bankruptcy terms? Check out www.bfine.org.

BFine has articles on how parts of bankruptcy works and links to other sites as well. All of this is free and does NOT require a login. I would encourage each of you to look at the website. This is something that can be recommended to family and friends, especially people just starting out or those who are struggling financially.

Looking for information as to how Chapter 13 works or other questions about the bankruptcy system? We encourage you to check out www.considerchapter13.org.

HOWEVER- the use of this Trustee13.com website IS RESTRICTED TO AUTHORIZED USERS. An authorized user is the trustee, a creditor or retained attorney on a debtor's or creditor's behalf.

Log-ins are monitored and if it is found that a login and password has been improperly used for any purpose other than as assigned or intended, the password and login will be revoked immediately per user agreement subject to penalty and liability.

The user id and password is to be used solely by the party in interest it was issued to. Providing your user id and password to a third party or non party is expressly prohibited and may be a violation of 18 USC 1030 and will be reported to the appropriate federal authorities.

The data contained on this website is property of the Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee. The data provided is solely for party in interest viewing and any attempt to download, scrape or copy the information is expressly PROHIBITED.

If you wish to obtain access to the website to view those cases in which you are a party in interest, please email dmecf@trustee13.com to obtain the user access agreement.

If you are a DEBTOR- please visit NDC.ORG to access your data. You are NOT an authorized user on this website and have free access at the NDC.ORG website.

This system does not provide accurate numbers for a payoff of the bankruptcy. Please contact the Trustee's Office to obtain same.