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Welcome to case access for the Chapter 13 Trustee in Milwaukee, WI for Trustee Scott Lieske.

Debtors can gain access to their case information by logging in with their case number (2 digit year-5 digit number, XX-XXXXX) as the user name and the last 4 digits of their social security number as the password.

To obtain a USERID & PASSWORD (creditors and attorneys) please email your request and contact information to info@chapter13milwaukee.com. Include the company (or companies) you represent in the request.

IF YOU ARE DENIED ACCESS AFTER RECEIVING YOUR LOGIN: First, double check the case number you entered. Make sure to enter in the case number with a hyphen (-).

If you are still denied access, email info@chapter13milwaukee.com with the case number in question and your UserID. You may be denied access for several reasons, the most common reason being that your company is not listed as a party of interest in the case.

*** If you want to payoff your case, please fax a payoff request to the Chapter 13 Office at (414) 271-9344. Please DO NOT use the amounts on this website to determine the payoff amount as not all the case activity may be reflected on this website. ***

Thank you