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The Bankruptcy Court of Arizona assigns Russell Brown, Trustee, cases filed in the Phoenix and Yuma Divisions. The Court creates long case numbers based on the Court division, year, type of proceeding, five digits and the judges initials. The division number is "0" for Yuma cases, "2" for Phoenix cases, and "4" for Tucson cases.

        An example of a case number:         2-10-bk-34567-XXX

                        -        The "2" shows a Phoenix division case
                        -        The "10" is the year code from 2010
                        -        "bk" shows the case number is for a bankruptcy case.
                        -        The last five digits of the case number are "34567"
                        -        The XXX represents the two or three-digit letter code for the bankruptcy judge

Case numbers on the Trustee's system use ONLY the year digits and last five digits. Example: 10-34567.

The Trustee's general information website is www.chapter13.info


If you are a debtor in a case assigned to Russell Brown and want free Internet access to your case information, go to www.ndc.org. On the home page, click the area that says "Get Started. It's Free!" Follow the instructions to complete the process. If you have a question about setting up your account then contact the NDC. However, if a debtor has a question about the information shown on the website (such as your plan payment or the Trustee's payment to a creditor), contact Russell Brown's office.

Debtor Attorneys:

Access to your clients' case information is through the National Data Center, www.ndc.org. First, you must send an email to the Trustee to set up your account. After the Trustee sets up your account, then the NDC will send an email to you to complete the process.

Creditor and Creditor Attorneys:

You must be a party in interest in a case or a licensed attorney representing a party in interest to gain access to the case information. To obtain a User ID and Password for access you must submit a completed Internet Access Agreement: contact Toni Evans at tevans@ch13bk.com for the IAA.

Mail the completed Internet Access Agreement to Valerie Caufman, Office of Russell Brown Trustee, Suite 800, 3838 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012-1965. You may email the completed document to vcaufman@ch13bk.com.